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are there people that hate my personality and follow for the blog?

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petition to change clothing sizes to 

XS - Extra Small Mario
S - Small Mario
M - Mario
L - Luigi
XL - Extra Luigi

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why do bronies get so upset about being friendzoned? i thought friendship was magic

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I like it way too fucking much when dangerous men are nice to me.

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im upset
just give me attention

" I like your energy. I love your legs. I long to see you. "
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vaellella replied to your photo“THIS SUCKS”
Are you okay? Also I’ll have your mini playlist assembled by the end of the weekend! (I didn’t forget or ignore… I’ve just been away from laptop and unable to reply to messages) Eye luff you ♥
I’m doing a million times better. And I’m excited to listen to it!! This was a really sweet message.



Giant Installation in Pakistan Confronts Drone Operators with the Face of a Victim

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